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Our team is equipped to transport cars, vans, light trucks, special cargo, boats.

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Vučna služba dupla kabina

DALAUTO Towing Service also provides roadside assistance, will improve less technical failures, remove the cars involved in a car accident.

If you need a tow truck and transport passengers, please contact us from 0 to 24.

Roadside Assistance with Smaller Vehicle Defects – 6 out of 10 failures we repair on the road!

Even a small vehicle failure can be a reason for you not to continue driving. In this case, call DALAUTO.

For minor failures we consider:

  • Empty battery,
  • Less cooling system failure,
  • Tired tires,
  • replacement of wheels,
  • fused fuse,
  • malfunction of electrical installations, etc

Contact us, the safest and the cheapest we carry the transport of vehicles.

Quick Service

Quick Service Rijeka - Dalauto - Croatia - Road assistance 0/24

Quick Service

  • Tire fitting and balancing
  • Changing the shock absorber shock absorber,
  • shock absorbers and springs
  • Oil change
  • Change oil, air, fuel filters
  • Change disk pads
  • Changing discs
  • Change bitter
  • Antifreeze change
  • Changing the ball point and lace
  • Changing wheel bearings
  • Changing the brake fluid
  • Changing the wrist strap
  • Battery change
  • Change metric
  • Change the alternator belt
  • Changing the seeds / rate
  • Change of the homocynectal joint
  • Change the cuffs
  • Tire inflation with nitrogen
  • Geometry trap for passenger vehicles
  • Geometry trap for a van
  • Control and filling the auto-climate
  • Other repairs that do not concern the engine

Truck service

  • Tire assembly and balancing
  • Change filters
  • Engine oil, gear, differential, retarder oil
  • Change grease for central lubrication
  • Vehicle lubrication
  • Brake System Repair
  • Replacement of the suspension (balls, tips, spools)
  • Airbag Changing
  • Replacing the last balance balance
  • Changing bearings
  • Change Amortization
  • Brake Diagnosis (Wabco, Knorr)
  • Change pot

Quick Service Rijeka